Shattered by Grief

Pick up the pieces to become whole again. This book will guide you through grief with stories of others who have been through it and provide creative ideas for help.

A resource by Claudia Coenen: The Karuna Project

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When grief shatters your life into a million pieces, how do you come back to wholeness? This book offers some guidance, using the word WHOLE as chapter headings. Issues of identity, telling your story, feeling and releasing emotion and learning to live fully again are explored. Finding ways to consider the gifts in the relationship and bring them forward is also included.

Grief is difficult but it contains the possibility of growth and even transformation.

My Inspiration

The sudden death of my husband shattered my life and I struggled to pick up the pieces. Gradually, over time, I re-membered myself, remembering that I was indeed whole. As I worked my way through many journals, expressing my grief in word, color, pattern as well as music and movement, I began to think about helping others. After studying to become a thanatologist and certified grief counselor, through hospice work with a diverse population of dying patients and their grieving families, I gathered other stories along with my own. They inform this book.

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