Shiva Scribe: Reframe the Ritual

ShivaScribe: A person with an open heart who listens and records stories told at a shiva. People will gather to tell stories, ShivaScribe will help you remember.

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Shiva is a nearly perfect practice, honed over thousands of years. It offers space for mourning, to reflect, to share, to cry, to laugh. Part of its power lies in the sharing of stories. All that is missing is somebody to collect them. Were ShivaScribe in existence when your ancestors passed, imagine the trove of information that would now reside with your family, passed down through generations. Imagine the depth of history you would hold.

ShivaScribe lets you reframe the ritual, collecting stories for you to preserve—not only to remember your loved ones, but to pass down for generations to come.

Our Inspiration

Laura had been workshopping her idea for ShivaScribe for several months, but it wasn’t until I attended the funeral for my childhood cantor, the man who’d officiated my Bar Mitzvah, that I understood the potential significance of this work. The stories people told at his funeral were astounding; his close family hadn’t heard some of them. When I began to consider how valuable it might be for them were somebody to save these recollections, I saw just how valuable ShivaScribe might be. - Jason Turbow

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