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Sketchbook by Bravo

Welcome to the scribbly, swirly, colorful cosmos of mystic artist Bravo Valenti, working in pastels, charcoal and acrylics to conjure and channel from other dimensions

A resource by Bravo Valenti

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Describing art is like describing a meal. You have to taste it for yourself. Enjoy!

My Inspiration

After establishing myself as a street photographer in Los Angeles for 5 years, I put down my camera and decided I wanted to learn to draw. After a few hours of drawing lessons, where it was clear I could basically learn to draw over time and probably get good at it, it occurred to me that being able to draw is not very interesting! I wanted to find my unique voice as an artist and I began to think about how children learn to draw. They begin by scribbling. And so, I embarked on a journey of scribbling. Endlessly. Thoughtlessly. With no intentions or goals or themes. Just scribbling. What happened over the course of the next couple of years is being revealed in my art, my podcasts, my lectures, for it not only changed my life but may hold one of the keys on how to shift the consciousness of our entire planet.

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