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The Co-Mingling of Holiday Emotions

The co-mingling of holiday emotions. Is everyone jolly?

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The months of November and December are often filled with festivities and celebrations. Yet, this time of year can also expose the co-mingling of emotions ~ such as joy/dread, happiness/sadness, contentment/anxiety etc.

The holidays can magnify these emotions, especially if one is experiencing death, dying or grief/anticipatory grief. There can also be profound discomfort if one acknowledges the, less than jolly, attitude.

Don't wait.....cultivate!

Cultivate equanimity during the season.

Courageously seek the authentic self.

Honestly acknowledge the feelings.

Accept the conflicting emotions.

Be authentic.

Empower* Explore* Enrich Your Journey

Explore Your Feelings

Empower Your Journey

Enrich Your Relationships

Grief & Bereavement

A Necessary Conversation

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A Necessary Conversation encourages you to cultivate relationships between living, dying, death and if need be, grief. Life is a full spectrum, and it includes End of Life. ​ This is a heart-based, not a clinical-based, practice. In partnership, we implement pro-active steps to help you "Do Death Differently." Here, you have the opportunity to transform how you respond to End Of Life experiences. Together, we create a spiritual pathway for you to move forward with courage, compassion, dignity and love. Cultivate the willingness to ​experience both life and death in a more profound and emotionally healthier manner. ​ This is a spiritual opportunity that is available to anyone, regardless if you are healthy, facing your own immediate death or someone you love is dying or has died. Please contact me.....I'd be honored to speak with you. Please contact me:

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