The Feel Your F&*@ing Feels Experience

Grief Sucks. You don’t. Let's ‘sit in the suck’ & ‘Marie Kondo’ the cr@p outta your emotions.

A resource by Sharing Solace

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This is not for the faint of heart: Feel your F’ing Feels is the new multi-week program designed to allow you to ‘sit in the suck’ while helping you feel ALL your feeling. We’ll dive deep and ‘Marie Kondo’ the cr@p outta your thoughts, feelings, and emotions: we’ll dump the whole mess out on the bed, inspect it, see what still sparks joy, thank it for its service, release what we no longer receive benefit from, and tidy up and organize what is left. {I mean, if it’s good enough for our underwear and waffle irons it’s gotta be good enough for our wellbeing too.}

Our Inspiration

When my Maddie died in my arms, I crumbled, and I’ve spent every day since learning to live a life worth living – to honor her. Throughout my grieving and healing journey I think I have read every book (I even wrote one), studied every expert (and met a couple IRL), and joined every course, class, and group under the sun. I soon realized that pretty much everything grief-related fell into one of two buckets: * The super stuffy, can’t pronounce half the words used (let alone explain them), need a Ph.D. to even get through the Table of Contents bucket. * The ‘pray the pain away’, don’t question your higher power, you can’t control anything bucket. As someone who falls in the middle of that spectrum, I need things ‘dumbed down’ for me. I would also like to think I have a little control over my life. I can’t really relate to either side exclusively and I think that most people are like me Ultimately, throughout our time together, we’ll learn that even the ‘peanut gallery’ can understand the science behind joy and we need to take responsibility (and action) for our lives. I hope the tools presented here help you to dig through your emotions and organize your thoughts. This experience is for you if: * You know the 5 (or 7) stages of grief and feel like they are nowhere close to representing the roller coaster you’re on, and you wanna toss that freaking book out the window. * You’ve “tried everything” and nothing seems to resonate as a way to help you move forward. * You’re done being miserable and you’d like some guidance on your path to joy and a new normal.

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