The Fight or Flight Club

Reach beyond surviving, which uses fight or flight responses, and start thriving by using intentional and compassionate responses. Start living fully here and now.

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The Fight or Flight Club is your safe space to thrive.

Reach beyond surviving, which use fight or flight responses, and start thriving, by using intentional and compassionate responses.

Participate in training, programs, and learning events designed to help you put down your defenses, develop, and rewire. Build a mindset for diverse perspectives and collaboration, to become your most alive self and live your fullest life.

Fight or Flight Club is inclusive by design. We provide learning experiences that foster deep connection and shift people to new, broader perspectives. Move beyond default, survival-mode biology, toward intentional, co-creative interaction for a life of thriving.


If you’re like us (Marisol & Patience), you’re tired of the script that runs in your head telling you to worry:

"You’re not good... smart... loveable... strategic... bold... deserving... enough.”

"You’re too much”, “too bold”, “too big”... the list goes on.

We invite you to learn where these voices come from and how to overcome the reactions and negative patterns they create. Learn to compassionately advocate for what you want to see in your life. The focus is on leadership beyond the workplace, so these skills help tremendously at work and across your whole life.

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What people are saying:

“Unparalleled training! I now understand why I say such negative things to myself sometimes and I’m excited to see how I’ve started going after opportunities and a promotion I wouldn’t have before, because I’m so much clearer on what I want.”

“Getting to know my inner voices and needs isn’t something you’re ever really taught anywhere, but they feel like the most important life skills. Non-violent communication and some of the other tools here are helping my marriage!”

“I haven’t done anything quite like this before–thank you. The wiser conversations that I have with myself show up in better relationships at work, with my friends, and even my partner.”


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