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The Karuna Project for Creative Grief Work

Want to know more about The Karuna Project and why I became a thanatologist? This video is an introduction.

A resource by Claudia Coenen: The Karuna Project

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Welcome to my office and to The Karuna Project. Allow me to tell you a little about myself, about my late husband Alby and how and why I became a certified grief counselor.

My Inspiration

The creative grief work I do is a synthesis of my life as a performing artist, writer and expressive person. Helping grieving people with compassion, empathy and creative process comes out of this life experience, as well as my own widowing. My office is a safe space in which I listen to the stories of my clients and encourage them to craft a new story as they figure out how to live fully again. This was the path I was thrust upon when Alby G. Coenen, Jr. suddenly left this world. In many ways, the work I do is because of his love, his compassion and his ability to connect with all different types of people. Karuna means compassion in action. My personal grief has impelled me to want to help you with yours.

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