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The Legal Field Guide to Helping Aging Parents

Become prepared with knowledge. In this online, at your pace, course, I'll introduce you to the legal issues you'll run into as your loved one ages and after their death.

A resource by Jen Gumbel

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Dealing with a loved one's incapacity and their death is overwhelming for so many reasons. One reason is that legal issues come up and legal issues can be confusing.

But knowledge is power over confusion. Learn the basics of the legal issues that come up and when you need to work with a professional, in the Field Guide.

The Bootcamp teaches you:

  • How assets move after death.
  • Legal issues you'll face.
  • When the Court becomes involved.
  • When it's time to work with a professional.

My Inspiration

Knowing you'll be left cleaning up someone's legal mess after they die is scary and can feel overwhelming if they aren't sharing with you whether they've done an estate plan. You can't force them to do an effective estate plan or tell you about it. But you can learn about the legal issues you'll face, before you're in the thick of it. I want to equip you with the information you need, before you're cleaning up someone else's mess... while you're also in the midst of grieving. That's why I created the Field Guide.

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