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Time is our most precious commodity

Time is a precious commodity. You cannot buy more, even if wealthy. After it passes, it will not be replenished. How do you use your time?

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"Time is our most precious commodity and yet most of us live as if we have all the time in the world"

What is Time

Time is free, but priceless.

You can spend it, but you cannot store it.

Once you have used it, you can never get it back.

Time is the great unknown.

We never know just how much of it we have left.

It is highly unpredictable and it can end at any moment.

Spiritual Value of Time

The importance of placing spiritual value on our time.

Can guide us to be mindful and not waste it.

Accepting the uncertainty, we savor the moments.

How we spend time can determine what our life will be.

Guiding us to using it more wisely to align to our essence.

Awareness of its limitations can bring deeper meaning to our day.

Focusing on how we use our limited time.

Allows us to realign our values to live more fully.

Reconnects us to what and whom brings us joy and love.

Life Lessons of Time

Time is the great equalizer.

Each of us have 168 hours per week.

Money or fame cannot buy you more weeks, months or years.

Taking stock on what brings you contentment.

Challenging where you spend your free time.

Reflecting on people you spend your time with.

Understanding the gift of this finite resource.

Recalibrate what is truly important in your life.

Realign your time to focus on what feeds your soul.

Take Measures to Honor Time

A Necessary Conversation encourages everyone to ~

Regard time as a valuable and limited resource.

Use time as a guidebook to re-direct life priorities.

Refocus the discovery of your true self.

Take this occasion to discover how to reduce regrets.

Reawaken the spirit of spending time with those you love.

Relight ones purpose to be authentic and true to your values.

My Inspiration

Death has been my greatest teacher. It has made me profoundly aware that time is limited. When I experience a death, my soul is reawakened again to it's purpose of "LIVE DEATH AWARE" - which means don't waste time, focus on whats important, spend time wisely, all while living life to the fullest. Begin your journey to "Live Death Aware" to truly understand the power of limited time.

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