T.R.E.: Tension and Trauma Release Exercises

A series of stretch and fatigue exercises to engage in Neurogenic Tremors or Natural Healing Shakes!

A resource by Sai Danchuk

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Learn to listen to your body! Learn to ask your body for what it needs, feel into the answer it provides, act upon that answer and observe how you feel when you do that.

It's so amazing when you realise that you can talk to your body and it can give you an answer that you didn't know it had any wisdom of, and feel how acting upon that wisdom makes you feel so much lighter, freer, safer, more comfortable and more present within the active attempt to release unprocessed trauma that's trapped in your body...

For the history and science behind TRE visit https://Traumaprevention.com

My Inspiration

I was introduced to TRE by a wise, loving friend who always wants the best for me. She was getting trained, I was helping by participating. I continued to take her classes and be her client in group classes after she got certified. What made me decide to learn to teach it was when I started engaging in Neurogenic Tremors spontaneously realising what my body was doing. I found my own relationship with my body and the tremors. I understood what it was doing and how easy it is to access with that understanding. So I decide to get certified myself. I love that it only takes about 2 guided sessions to understand the process of you really want to attune yourself then you no longer need a guide to safely tremor yet you can choose to get the group benefits or take individual classes again if you feel stuck and want to advance. It's a beautiful process of self discovery in releasing unprocessed trauma.

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