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Tree Burial for Pets

Introducing the most meaningful and environmentally-friendly way to honor your pet’s life, while always keeping them close to home.

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If your pet could talk, odds are they’d ask for a Transcend burial—one where they return to the Earth, close to home and their favorite humans. By planting your pet as a tree when they die, you help naturally enrich the Earth’s soil, neutralize toxins, and clean the air we breathe. With Transcend’s Tree Burial Kit, you’ll be able to stay connected to your pet for a lifetime.

Our kit includes:

  • Step-by-step Tree Burial guide
  • Organic, biodegradable flax linen carrier
  • Transcend’s unique blend of fungi-enriched soil
  • 25 trees planted today to support reforestation worldwide

Purchase a kit to have on-hand as your pet ages. When the time comes, you’ll be able to bring the biodegradable carrier with you to the vet for extra support. In the meantime, we’ll start planting trees on your pet’s behalf today.