What is Transformational Learning on death?

What if we actively chose to engage in transformational learning with end-of-life (EOL) matters? Could we consciously deepen our connection to living a full life?

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Resources for EOL Transformational Learning

  • Developing Death Literacy.
  • Death Literacy is Life Literacy.
  • What Does Death Positive Mean?
  • Why is Death Positivity Important?
  • Why We Need to Talk About Death.
  • Dying Wise in a Death Phobic Society.
  • Death: The Ultimate Transformative Experience.
  • How Internal Medicine Residents Death with Death and Dying: a Qualitative Study of Transformational Learning and Growth.

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My Inspiration

A Necessary Conversation (ANC) was founded on the ideals of learning about death, dying and grief. Our society is death illiterate, and therefore, we as individuals, often do not have the tools necessary to change our experiences with end-of-life (EOL). Most us avoid any conversations around death, until we absolutely have to. However, ANC has seen first hand, that when individuals, families, loved ones, engage in open discussions on EOL, our experiences transform, from fear and anxiety to deeper understanding of just how profound these life experiences are. Together, we can "do death differently" and live life fully.

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