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Your Organized (after)Life Workshop

Take control of your legacy. In this online Workshop, I'll walk you through the steps you need to take to have an effective estate plan. This is at your own pace.

A resource by Jen Gumbel

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Everyone will leave a legacy and anyone can get in control of theirs.

But if you leave a legal mess, it can be impossible for people to remember the things about you that were important and carry those things on. That's why estate planning is important.

Estate planning is minimizing the legal to-do list you'll leave so that it's manageable. Leaving a manageable to-do list takes documents… and it also takes financial organization. To do that, you need to be equipped with information. That’s where my industry fails people.

That’s why I created Your Organized (after)Life Workshop, an online course to walk you through the steps I’ve seen people take who leave a manageable to-do list.

Equipping you with the information to understand

  • what you own
  • how the legal stuff works
  • how to work with a professional to obtain the documents you need to set up a real plan, and not just be sold a set of one-size-fits-all documents that may not make much difference to your situation
  • how to do the most important, and many times overlooked, step of financial organization.

My Inspiration

The estate planning industry falls short. After over ten years of walking people through the legal to-do list they’re left to deal with and helping people plan ahead to minimize the to-do list they’ll leave for others, I’ve learned that estate planning isn’t just about documents. I see people with great documents leave legal messes. All the time. But I also see people leave manageable to-do lists all the time. It usually isn’t people who are financial wizards.. or have a bunch of degrees… or are super sophisticated. They just knew how this stuff works, because they cleaned up someone else's legal mess. They knew how their assets would transfer. They knew what they steps they had to take to leave a manageable to-do list. And, because they were going to be darned if they were going to leave a mess for others, they actually took those steps. I want to equip people with the information they need, without having to learn it by cleaning up someone else's mess... while they are also in the midst of grieving. That's why I created Your Organized (after)Life Workshop.

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