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Book of Stories

A Book of Stories is a custom keepsake-bound book to commemorate a loved one.

A resource by Forced Joy Project

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Following a death, stories are openly and abundantly shared, as we reflect and reminisce. But so often, those who crave these stories the most are deep in a heavy haze of grief and unable to focus or retain what is shared.

When we lose someone, stories are the greatest gift we are left with. It is the stories and memories that honor the life that was lived. It is the stories that keep us connected. Capturing these stories - the toasts, the tributes, the funny anecdotes - allows loved ones to revisit those moments over and over again.

By purchasing a Book of Stories, we will help you easily capture individual stories of your loved ones from friends and family. These stories will then be compiled into a keepsake book to read and share for generations to come.

Flowers are Temporary. Stories are Forever.

How it Works:

Step 1: Purchase a Book of Stories to commemorate a loved one.

Step 2: Receive your submission link and virtual toolkit to help guide the process

Step 3: Send the link to friends and family and ask them to contribute a story

Step 4: We create a beautiful keepsake book filled with stories and memories of your loved one, to be shared for generations.

Our Inspiration

When my husband, Brad, died, it wasn't flowers or food that I wanted (although those things were definitely helpful). It was stories. I wanted people to tell me their own stories of Brad. Like that time in high school when he got a coke can thrown at his face while in a hot tub, leaving a tiny scar above his lip. Or the hours he and his college roommate wasted trying to one-up each other playing Madden Football. Or the hilarious - and somewhat inappropriate - relationship advice he gave to friends after their engagement. I created the Book of Stories for selfish reasons - simply, I wanted more stories of Brad. But to put this out in the world and to get a tiny glimpse into the life and love of the person you lost - has been a humbling honor. it’s been a beautiful thing to see who people are buying the Book of Stories for: • The young kids who will grow up without their dad. • The friend who is getting married without her brother. • The mom who is in her final days in hospice. • The hockey legend whose team is still sharing stories, 50 years later. • The widow who just wants to hear more about her husband. Each story - from the toasts, to the tributes, to the hilarious inside jokes - brings your person to life on the page. Each story is another acknowledgment that your person LIVED. There really is no better gift to honor a person you lost.

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