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Forced Joy Club - Community for Grievers

A community for grievers to connect with others who "get it." Feel less alone in your grief with virtual gatherings, speaker series, member stories, and resources.

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The mission of the Forced Joy Club is to build a community that helps grievers feel less alone, provides a safe and judgment-free space to share stories and resources, and creates meaningful connections that help the world better navigate the complexities of grief.

This is not your traditional grief group. We don’t have a manual. There is no script. We aren't going to spout out one-liners telling you that everything happens for a reason or you need to search for a silver lining. Swearing will probably occur.

This is your space to bring the truest, rawest form of yourself, wherever you’re at, in this moment.

The Forced Joy Club is a community of people looking to find connection in the dark and shadowy moments of life, without guilt or shame. It’s for people who want to believe that grief and joy can coexist.

We believe that while grief looks different for everyone, the more we share about it, the more others know they’re not alone in their experience. Plus, sharing our struggles not only helps with a sense of belonging but can also drastically improve our healing.

Grief is personal. Grief is isolating. But that doesn’t mean you need to experience it alone. Come sit in the grief – and maybe also the joy – with people who understand.

Included in your membership is:

  • Community Forum to connect in real-time and see how others navigate grief, find joy, and handle the speed bumps along the way. Choose to take part in the general community or choose from one of the many subcommunities to find people who get it (a few of the sub-communities include partner loss, parent loss, kids and grief, suicide loss, addiction loss, and more).
  • Monthly Speakers Series where we highlight a different expert or speaker to help provide guidance. These are hosted live for those who want to participate and all recordings are saved for those who wish to watch later.
  • Monthly Grief Chat Series where members get the opportunity to share their stories. This is a powerful way to connect and see how others are handling their own grief (and to recognize that we are not alone!). All conversations are recorded to watch later.
  • A Robust Resource Library, updated each month. Current resources include: supporting your grief, grief literacy, death administration, and self care and healthy healing.
  • Regular Challenges to help you find joy, regulate your nervous system, and reach for moments of gratitude (all of which can be extremely difficult in grief!).

Know someone who could use extra support? Consider gifting a membership to the Forced Joy Club.

Our Inspiration

I was once told by someone that they’d never had to force joy before. And I thought, “How lucky.” How lucky that they don’t know what it’s like to live with such grief and pain, that joy no longer comes naturally. That it's now something you have to search out and find. This community is not for the people who have never had to force joy. It’s for the people who have. For the people who have been in the most amount of pain possible and to the depths of grief, and who want to believe that joy still exists. And maybe, sometimes, just needs a little bit of help finding it. I've had my fair share of grief. At 28, I was diagnosed with cancer. At 33, I became a widow after my husband died of cancer. And at 35, I became the full-time caregiver for my dad who was dying of - yep, you guessed it - cancer. During those times, forced joy wasn't just about finding a silver lining (there were none). It was about hope. It was about survival. This community was created out of a need - a need to be supported in my grief. I had a lovely support system of friends and family, but none of them seemed to understand what I was going through. I felt alone and isolated. This club is for anyone who is grieving and could use a little extra support. Who is looking to feel validated and not judged. Who is looking to be seen.

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