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Grief Goes On - Reflection by Sarah Jeanne Browne

A poem about grief by Sarah Jeanne Browne. It just came to me one morning!

A resource by Sarah Jeanne Browne

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Grief Goes On - A Reflection by Sarah Jeanne Browne

Grief is an intense longing that can never be answered.

It seeps in at random times that you don't expect.

It never truly fades but there are times you don't feel it.

You must tend to it like a rose that grows but that has thorns to protect itself with.

There are days you see beauty; and other days you are pricked.

You may never know when grief may be coming or going.

Sometimes it hits you all at once.

But in it there is something you can trust.

A love that tells the story of a meeting.

You may say goodbye to the person, but the grief never stops.

You hold their belongings to your heart in hopes that theirs will restart.

There are days it seems to never end.

All the good in it isn't what you get from it or the lessons learned or that everything happens for a reason.

But one day grief becomes a friend.

That remembers when you can't.

So you don't fully hold back the tears or wait for it to pass.

You cry; you wail; you fall down; you fail

But grief brings you back to yourself again and again.

All that's lost is not truly an end.

Just wait for the light to beckon you to see the way out is through.

And that you live for two.

My Inspiration

Losing people and helping others through loss gave me these insights.

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