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Sarah Jeanne Browne

Sarah Jeanne Browne

I am here to reimagine...

My mantra is "Every road has its reason, to rise above to unseen brilliance." I am a speaker, activist and writer seeking to learn and share about grief.

My Community Resources

My Reimagine Article 6/2024 My Lonely Mountain

My Lonely Mountain - poem by Sarah Jeanne Browne for Reimagine (published on their blog, just linking here!)

Goodbye is a Good Buy poem

Goodbye is a Good Buy - Poem by Sarah Jeanne Browne

Grieving for kids insights from experience & more

Boundaries with grieving youth and what to expect.

My quote on grief is like being at bottom of ocean

My meme quote on grief Jan 2024

My Reimagine Article on Grief Dec 2023

Reimagine blog Dec 2023: Grief Stole Time, What’s Mine And Rewired My Mind To Appreciate Life by Sarah Jeanne Browne ~My inner strength came unexpectedly on a rainy day.

My Reimagine Article On Grief Jan 2024

A person’s departure may be inner torture but it creates a greater archer where the more you pull back the arrow the farther it goes.

Reimagine Instagram Post Sarah Browne Story

One of the hardest things that impacted me was losing my dad’s girlfriend, Elaine, to cancer.

What’s Really Important

“We forget what we want to remember and remember what we want to forget.” ~The Road

You Never Know How Much Time You Have

“Forgiveness is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you.” ~Corrie ten Boom I sat next to my stepmother Elaine in her hospital room.

The Man who Taught me about Redemption

I’ll always miss him. My grandpa, Glenn Perl, also known by grandkids as “Papap,” showed me a great example of love.

How to Grieve without Guilt.

When you lose someone in life, you can find yourself feeling unmotivated, unhappy, and underwhelmed by what life has to offer.

How I Make it through my Grief over..

I had a vision that my friend who died by suicide hugged me. He said, “I’m sorry I left you.”

How to Find Love through Loss.

Those of us who know loss know love a little differently. We know that things are finite, temporary, easily taken—and that changes us.

7 Quotes to Help you Move Through Grief..

I’ve grieved many times in my life. Most notably was my dad’s girlfriend, Elaine, who died of cancer when I was a teen. I forgave her for cheating with my dad on my mom.

7 Ways Of Remembering You're Going To Die One Day

Thinking about mortality doesn’t have to be morbid. It can help you reflect on meaning. Remembering that life is finite gives us perspective.

My Grief Quote

Quote by Sarah Jeanne Browne on grief. "Grief chisels away what we are not..." See more.

Grief Goes On - Reflection by Sarah Jeanne Browne

A poem about grief by Sarah Jeanne Browne. It just came to me one morning!

Write Your Way from Grief to Growth

Jenny Dilts and Sarah Jeanne Browne embark on a journey of growth through grief in this intimate and interactive workshop.