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Grief Refuge Podcast

Grief can be so lonely and painful. The Grief Refuge podcast will support you along your journey.

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Personal stories, difficult emotions, and inspiration for healing are all shared on the Grief Refuge podcast. This is a safe space to listen, resonate, reflect, and be with your grief. There may be a story to connect with. There may be a tip for finding more joy in grief. Whatever the topic is, the experience is real, truthful, and growth oriented.

People say it takes a village to raise a child. We say it takes a community to help people on their grief journey. Let us be a part of your community and further support you.

Our Inspiration

Grief Refuge is founded by Reid Peterson, MA. Reid felt the calling to serve others in grief after the loss of his Stepfather in 2016. He sought support and could only find local support groups. They helped but Reid knew that there was more possibilities for more support- so he sought out to gain more training and researched what was available. After learning that most of the digital resources available to grievers are limited in discussing the painful emotions, he made it his mission to create an authentic experience for all listeners.

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