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Have you ever been to the hospital with a sick family member or friend?

You trudge though a mountain of paper work, deal with tired nurses who can only quote the hospital policies, and while trying NOT to get what is flowing out of the orifices of the others in the waiting room…you break into song… “How did I get here…that’s what I want to know…” trying somehow to make sense of the craziness- dealing with your fears and trying to stay positive.

Well that is the opening of my musical digital series, “Home for Mom”. This series is a cross between the Dear Evan Hansen and Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. We cry, we laugh and we shake our head in wonder as we follow three families dealing with illness, end of life challenges and caring for those they love. Dr Anna in charge of the facility has been searching for answers to the challenges of her mother’s dementia going so far as convert nursery rhymes into grief mantras- “Try Prozac and Zolof before it is too late”. We hope that Mike, dealing with ALS, learns to find his voice and tell his daughter she is enough. (And yes he sings about it.) And Rosa and Marty Herrera still making love in their 80’s and dancing – (and of course, they sing about it) hold each other though the choices and challenges of cancer. Their stories inspire us to consider how we will handle the end of our time on this earth and to embrace each day with passion, living our lives to the fullest.

Everything you want is at the website, https:/homeformom.online

Other Options:

The music is available on what ever platform you enjoy(Spotify, ITunes etc)- simply search" Home for Mom Original Cast" and listen!

Videos available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/YhU70rIMQdY

and the Home for Mom podcast is available on Soundcloud; https://soundcloud.com/eloise-26/home-for-mom-podcast-live-at-the-frida

My Inspiration

This musical was inspired by my own family experiences dealing with my parents’ dementia. At that time I looked around on film and television and there was nothing that reflected my experiences. Something to comfort me and give me that virtual hug. Why a musical? Well it makes a hard topic palatable-sometimes when are feelings are so deep, music is the only way we can express ourselves. Now here for you and your family is “Home for Mom”, a musical about finding the courage to brave….at any age.

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