Life Transition Rituals

A unique, customized ritual can help ease the stress of a life transition or acknowledge feelings of gratitude, accomplishment, and delight in a life celebration.

A resource by Rites of Passage, LLC

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At Rites of Passage, we work with you to design personalized and meaningful rituals to mark your unique life events. We welcome those with a secular or spiritual worldview, as well as those who identify with a faith tradition. Some of the life events we can help you mark include:


  • Renewals of Vows
  • Weddings
  • Pet Blessings
  • House Blessings
  • Pregnancy Blessings
  • Baby Dedications and Naming Ceremonies
  • Sobriety Anniversary Celebrations
  • Family Celebrations and Holiday Rituals


  • Coming-of-Age Rituals
  • Leave-Taking Rituals for Moving and Retirement
  • Blessings for Military Deployment and Homecoming
  • Coming Out or Gender Identity Rituals
  • Naming Ceremonies for Renaming or Reclaiming
  • Divorce Rituals
  • Living Wakes


All of our Life Transition Rituals are designed with your input and your unique values, traditions, dreams, and guiding principles in mind.

My Inspiration

I’m Kristabeth Atwood and I am a "pastor for people who don’t do church." I was a local church pastor for 18 years and now I bring my pastor’s heart to my work with people of all identities and spiritual and secular worldviews to support growth, healing, and transformation. My business is called Rites of Passage because I believe that acknowledging the changes we experience throughout life is essential to our personal and collective well-being. I help people and communities do this by designing and officiating personalized rituals and providing spiritual guidance and discernment coaching for those for going through life’s transitions. My work includes weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies and other rites of passage, as well supporting people as they dive into the big questions that often arise in the face of change and sharing tools to plan ahead for the inevitable transitions life brings. Essentially, I hold space for people to connect with themselves, those around them, and with the sacred, whatever that means to them. In addition to my professional experience, my personal journey through the joys and challenges of marriage, divorce, re-marriage, becoming a stepparent, relocation, career changes, the trauma of violence, and loss of loved ones informs my work. I bring my expertise, experience, and heart to help my clients pause, reflect, acknowledge, and embrace the transformative power of change so they can move into the next season of life with hope.

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