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Love Letters to the Dying or Already Deceased

Let Janet Gallin and Tresa Eyres help you create your own "work of heart” for one still here or already gone – a message to be treasured for now and generations to come.

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When people we love are snatched from us by death, how often do we lament not telling them how much we loved them and why – while we still had the chance?

That sorrow is a pain that can last for years if not forever. Happily, such sorrow is totally avoidable! With skill and planning we can still communicate what is in our hearts. It’s not too late.

Love letters to the dying and already deceased may be some of the greatest and longest lasting gifts we can bestow. They are gifts to ourselves, to those we love, and to generations that follow.

A love letter to the dying? It is an end-of-life treasure that people can read and re-read, a constant reminder of why and how deeply they have been loved. It is a forgiveness when needed. It evokes memories that often bring unexpected strength to someone terminally ill. It is something for future generations to read and know the legacy that is theirs. To the person who writes such a letter? The joy from bathing in the positive is hard to describe.

A love letter to the already deceased? Yes, there are places to send it, places where your original work of art will make a difference for generations.

We will help you answer questions like these – so you can put your responses into your loving messages:

  • How can you say, “I love you” and “goodbye” to someone dying?
  • Do you have to say “Goodbye?” (No.)
  • Is it ever too late? (No.)
  • Where can you send a letter to the deceased? (So many choices; come find out.)
  • Can you really make your thoughts and words felt forever – even from the grave? (Yes, with skill and very clever planning.)

The Love Letters workshop is a hands-on experience for those who need help knowing what to say or how best to say it. We guide you through expressing yourself in the best way possible, in your way, with your strength.

Love letters change lives in unimaginable and unpredictable ways. Studies have shown to improve both the physical and emotional health of both senders and recipients. Writing an end-of-life love letter can turn a doleful exercise into a truly joyous occasion.

We have, each of us, an enormous power at our fingertips; the power to elevate the spirit, to make someone feel forever beautiful, smart, helpful and loved. Let us put that power to use.

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