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GIVE the GIFT of a LIFETIME for CHRISTMAS HONOR the life and wisdom of your loved ones. Let them be remembered. Time moves in one direction. Memory in another.

A resource by Phaedrana

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Based on a professional writing career, academic training in interview techniques, as well as the subtle yet powerful impact of coaching, this special offering documents and delivers the immeasurable value of your loved ones' personal history, insight and anecdotes - their wisdom and legacy.

It is giving the GIFT of a LIFETIME for all those:

  • nearing old age, who would like their family to remember the most important episodes of their lives, their wisdom, or the love that binds them together as a whole.
  • who would like their thoughts, experiences, or distinct character be remembered by future generations.
  • who have always wanted to write their extraordinary life stories only never got around to it.

Officially termed LIFE REVIEW, it works by:

  • RECORDING live conversations (in person or over the phone/Zoom)
  • TRANSCRIBING the recorded material
  • SELECTION of stories and OVERVIEW
  • Each selected story is shaped into a professional or artistic piece of WRITING
  • ILLUSTRATION or photographs may be selected for each piece

This TREASURE BOX may then be gifted to family members as a collection, or even be considered for publication.

To view published samples - excerpts from life path interviews from around the world that were made into short stories (one pagers) - follow the link below, click on or scroll down to CREATIVE WORK, then select a title under SHORT STORIES.

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My Inspiration

The most common regret of family members is “not having asked more questions” of their grandparents or parents about their lives or ancestry while they were still alive. The most common regret of people in their last hour is “not having told more (stories)” to their loved ones while they still could – or while they could still remember. My two grandmas and my father were the three most important people in my life. They inspired me to realize what was most important in life: To cherish those we love the most, to give them the gift of our time and attention even as we cannot be present, to unearth their wisdom before it is too late. “This world won’t be saved on strength. What it really needs is heart: people with empathy and compassion. Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” (The Dalai Lama)

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