Post-Pandemic Workshop - Facilitation

I'm here to help you process the grief and growth folks are experiencing coming out of the pandemic era - here's the intro video:

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Given everything we’ve been through, to truly transition out of the pandemic, we need to honor our experience of it. This includes emotions of:

  • Shock as we face our new reality, and the need to have the situation validated by others
  • Anger and/or conflictedness, and the need to express these
  • Sorrow, and the need to express it
  • The need for hope and gratitude for what we’ve learned, and for what’s supporting us as we move forward

Like with any other health issue, if we don’t address these things properly while we have the chance, they will only fester. We can mitigate ongoing hardship for ourselves by creating a ceremonial context to process our pain and set our sights on new horizons. And we can equip ourselves with resources to keep working with grief and growth going forward.

The four bullet points above frame the four sessions of our workshop and processing practices:

  1. Session 1: Holding Our Stories, Ending Isolation
  2. Session 2: Holding Tension, Blessing the Mess
  3. Session 3: Holding Vigil, Honoring Our Grief
  4. Session 4: Holding Hope, Renewal Resolutions

Each session uses a mix of small group, large, group, and solo activities. This workshop can be run as either a single daylong or weekend retreat, or as a series of gatherings, e.g. once per week for a month.

I hope I can serve you, your loved ones, and your community as a facilitator for the Post-Pandemic Workshop!

Our Inspiration

Here's a video on my story of pandemic grief and recovery - I wonder if you resonate with it: Here's the full blog version: