Reimagine's Resources for Advance Care Planning

This list of resources, curated by Reimagine, will help you engage in important conversations about health care choices & advance care planning during COVID-19. Why wait?

A resource by Reimagine

My End of Life Decisions: An Advanced Care Planning Guide and Toolkit

A comprehensive guide to help you consider the options and decisions we need to make when planning for our own end-of-life care or that of our loved ones. Written prior to COVID-19, this guide has lots of good questions and guidance.

COVID-19 Advanced Directive Addendum

A 2-page addendum designed to accompany any advanced directive that asks specific questions related to the COVID-19 pandemic and related treatment choices you might want (or not want) for yourself.

Prepare For Your Care During COVID-19

A comprehensive guide with written and video content, in English and Spanish, to help you consider the options and decisions we need to make when planning for our own end-of-life care or that of our loved ones. Created with visuals and accessible language to facilitate accessibility.

Link to Advanced Directives for each state in the US

A resource from Prepare For Your Care to help you find the advanced directive that is recognized in the state where you live.

The Conversation Project

Prepared by The Conversation Project, Cambia Health Care, and Ariadne Labs, this new guide helps us to prepare and take action during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our Inspiration

We know that death is inevitable. The coronavirus has brought the immediacy of illness and death into all of our lives like nothing else. At Reimagine, we believe it’s possible to live fully through the end, even in the midst of these most challenging conditions. To that end, we have always encouraged everyone to prepare for the end of life by completing an advanced directive where you can reflect on what makes life worth living, and how you would choose to spend your final days. During this frightening period of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are questioning what end-of-life care might look like when health conditions deteriorate quickly and loved ones are generally not permitted to sit with and advocate for us at the bedside. Even for those who have already completed advanced directives, some are wondering if we need to revisit those earlier decisions given the unpredictable course of this virus. For example, with ventilators, the treatment of choice for many patients stricken with COVID-19, do we still want our advanced directives to specify “no ventilators”? What are the real risks and benefits of ventilation, depending on our age, stage of illness and more? Now more than ever, it is vitally important to identify what matters to us, and who we might want to speak for us if we lose the ability to communicate for ourselves in a healthcare setting. But it’s not only about identifying who that person will be. The key to peace of mind, to effective care, and wise decision-making lies in our willingness to share our values and preferences about end of life care with our health care agent as well. To help you engage in those important conversations, we are sharing here just a few of the many valuable resources designed to get you started.

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