Reimagining Death by Lucinda Herring

Caring for our own dead, in ways that care for the earth. Children painting a father’s casket in bright colors, dancing on his green grave. This is Reimagining Death…

A resource by Lucinda Herring

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Reimagining Death: Stories and Practical Wisdom for Home Funerals and Green Burials by Lucinda Herring. North Atlantic Books, 2019.

Winner of the Nautilus Gold Award for 2019.

My book helps you reimagine what is possible at the end of life. It empowers you to reclaim the innate, legal right to care for a loved one’s body after death, in the comfort and safety of your own home, within the loving embrace of family, friends and community, rather than give that sacred task away to strangers in the funeral industry. Learn about ecologically sound ways to dispose of our bodies after death – natural and conservation burial, Aquamation and Recompose, the soon to be implemented vision of turning human bodies into compost after death. The book offers compelling stories and poetry, practical information and guidance, resources and a 16-page color insert of home funerals and green burials photographs. All of which can inspire you to bring art, nature, beauty and healing ritual to the threshold of death – easing the shock of loss, and weaving joy and sorrow, life and death back together again in sacred wholeness.

Reimagining Death can be found at any local independent bookseller, retail online booksellers, and Amazon. It can also be purchased directly from me at, via PayPal, providing me with more financial resources per book to continue my promotion and educational work for others.

My Inspiration

When Tim McKee, publisher of North Atlantic books, found me in a magical way online (another story!) and asked me to write a book about my pioneering work in the green funeral movement, I said yes, having wanted for years to write the wild “stranger than fiction” story of my mother’s death in Alabama on our family land, and how that experience led me into all I am doing today. I also wanted to tell the remarkable stories gleaned from my time in the trenches with this work – the heartbreaking and beautiful stories from families and communities daring to do death differently, on their own terms, in their own way. I wanted others to know the transformative power of this reclamation work – how we can return home to the wisdom of the earth and nature, to trust our bodies and direct experience, and to rest once again in Death’s sacred communion and love.

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