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Befriending Uncertainty: A Contemplative Series

Looking for stability, ease or inner guidance during these uncertain times? These eight brief meditative contemplations are a gateway into serenity and your own wisdom.

A resource by Spirit of Resh Foundation

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Spirit of Resh Foundation's eight operating principles inspire our service, guide our actions, and are the foundation of our relationship to life, death and one another. These eleven-minute meditative contemplations include a brief commentary, questions to ponder, and a period of brief, silent reflection. We invite you to join us in contemplating each principle as a gateway to inner guidance for navigating the immense world changes underway. They are:

  • Life is precious. This moment is all we have.
  • The purpose of human life is to love, learn, grow and serve.
  • It is up to each of us to make the most of the circumstances we are given by life.
  • Forgiveness is a path to healing.
  • Love is the connective tissue between all life.
  • Respect for all life creates vital, healthy communities.
  • Honesty, expressed with compassion, builds intimacy and trust.
  • Trusting in the connection between that which is seen and unseen transforms fear into love.

Our Inspiration

Spirit of Resh Foundation is dedicated to Lois Joy Myers and David Lynn Akard. Our operating principles are rooted in their lives and deaths, which inspired us to grow. We remember the love, courage and strength they called upon to face the tumult of their fourteen-year in-tandem cancer journey and untimely deaths. We called upon these principles as the coronavirus began to spread, and our lives were irrevocably changed by its impact. We, the Spirit of Resh Foundation team, sat in contemplation of the truths and beauty these principles offer. They became a gateway for building our inner resilience. Creating this contemplative series was a natural next step. Sharing their potency in a larger way, with all of you, gives us hope for the world. We hope they touch your heart and guide you just as they have us.

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