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Children's Book: Everyone Dies

This book provides an age appropriate, non-scary, comfortable way to introduce the topic of death to a preschool child; its simple explanation will last a lifetime.

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Everyone Dies (and yes, it is normal) is a story about a young boy named Jax who finds something special on the beach where he and his grandpa Pops are enjoying a wonderful day. Pops helps Jax understand that death is a normal part of life.

Our Inspiration

Marianne had been thinking about writing this book for years. This day on the beach inspired her to finally do it, as well as the fact that she had just retired and now had time. She reached out to her trusted friend Darlene, who is very creative, a good writer, and because of her experience operating a childcare business, understood how to communicate effectively with preschoolers. It was very important to Marianne that the book NOT be too serious or scary, even though it had to be true and direct. Marianne provided the inspiration and expertise regarding the subject matter; Darlene’s artistic creativity and business acumen enabled them to make this project a reality. These two friends hope their efforts will result in less fear and suffering as everyone faces the inevitable. This is especially important at this time of global pandemic, in which many, many people have died. They hope this will become the “go to” book for starting a very necessary and timely conversation about mortality.

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