"Embrace the Angel" Silk Scarves, Ties, Pillows

Our "Embrace the Angel" silk pillow cover is filled with 99 drawings of Angels from children around the World! It comforts, connects, and brings children a bit of joy!

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We believe that Connection—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual—is THE most important way to give and receive Love, especially for those who are critically ill, are standing at The Threshold between Life & Death, and the Loved Ones they leave behind.

Silky Angels are one way to FEEL loved, comforted, and inspired as we move through Life on Earth as Human Beings. Our senses need to be soothed, touched on a deep level, acknowledged and honored. To see for yourself, please visit our website: https://www.embracetheangel.com

I am a Pebble Thrower in the still Pond of Life! As I come from a place of blessings, wisdom, and magical insight, I distribute small pewter Guardian Angel coins/pebbles to many Humans I encounter. These tiny, but impactful, coins have a Special Word on the back. I offer them to folks with the words, "Choose one for yourself and one for someone you Love." These tiny gestures have incredible impact! They are a sweet reminder of how tiny, seemingly insignificant acts of kindness, caring, and love, can change Lives around the World. For further understanding: https://www.embracetheangel.com/blog

Our Inspiration

Bernie Siegel, MD, was Amber's surgeon. Because we were in the media during the height of the Cancer Controversy and overwhelmed, he was willing to help me help her cross The Threshold with Dignity, Grace, and Gratitude for a short Life well-lived. He introduced me to Susan Bach's "Spontaneous Drawings" and gave me a beautiful way to use ritual and tools to understand our Loved Ones dying experience. Whenever Amber thought she was dying, she asked for the "Key to Heaven," a large, shiny brass key that she would use to open to Golden Gates of Heaven. She asked for this whenever she thought she was dying. I learned just how critical it is to have a physical, Human symbol to help her cross and bring some comfort to me when she died. On the cover of "Embrace the Angel," she is holding the Key to Heaven. It is an incredible gift to have this special Human connection that meant... that means so much to me! You can get a free eBook here: https://d86920ea-9ccf-419f-95c5-d4d386fa7718.filesusr.com/ugd/955d9c_ed363326275f4da7b3683e62322400ed.pdf

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