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Join "Conscious Pop" singer Ben Caron and an amazing circle of uplifting artist, activist and healer friends from around the world, every Friday night on "Lighthouse"

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For over a decade, Ben Caron has created uplifting music, theater and events that inspire, heal and create community. As Covid 19 led to lockdowns, isolation and anxiety, Ben rose to the occasion once again, inviting his most inspired, talented and committed friends from around the world to join with him every Friday on Facebook Live, to share inspiration, find light in the darkness and spread hope through meaningful conversation, beautiful music and deep connection with the audience.

Join us on Fridays from 7-10pm PST.

It's free. It's fun. It's Ben.

My Inspiration

I'm Bravo Valenti, the founder of Healing A.P.E. (Healing Artists Preserving Earth), and as an L.A. based artist I have an incredible network of talented and inspired artist friends. But when it comes to building community, staying focused on what's important and how we can affect change in our society, nobody compares to Ben Caron, so when I found out he was creating a Friday evening community to inspire and heal during this time of isolation and anxiety, I promised myself I would do whatever I could to help bring Ben's love of humanity, commitment to social justice and abundance of talent to a larger audience. Join with him and his incredible network of friends as they turn this lockdown upside down and help us all stay focused on how to come out of this working towards a better future.

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