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Grace in Dying: A Death Meditation Course

A guided meditation series for contemplating your body's inevitable end.

A resource by Going with Grace

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The Grace in Dying meditation series is for individuals seeking greater reverence for their life, as well as people who are experiencing anxiety around death and dying.

Are you searching for more presence and engagement with your life?

Do you yearn for a peaceful perspective around dying?

Would you like to find a relationship with death that actually enhances your emotional and mental health?

Often we find that a fear of death is rooted in a fear of the dying process more than the fear of death itself.

The Grace in Dying Meditation experience includes:

  • Nine 20-minute meditations with Death Doula Alua Arthur as your guide (audio)
  • Meditation Journal workbook that pairs with the meditations
  • Two videos that help you prep for your meditation practice and make the most of the experience

We created the Grace in Dying Meditation series to help you find greater understanding and acceptance of the dying process and the role death plays in our lives as human beings. Over the course of this meditation series, Alua will walk you through the Buddhist scholar Atisha’s Nine Contemplations of Dying. We have found the nine contemplations to be a helpful tool for awakening gratitude for our days on this planet and creating connection to death as part of life.

We also walk you through the physical and mental death process during each meditation. It’s an opportunity to lay there with whatever it is that comes up during the experience. A lot of times, people feel a sense of peace after going through this process.


"I sought out Alua's death meditation services because I was looking for a way to heal my anxiety about death. My parents died in quick succession at a relatively young age and that tremendous loss brought intense grief but also intense anxiety about my own mortality.

Working with Alua was incredibly beneficial. After completing the mediation/reflection process I felt a lot more at peace with the idea of my own death and an increased appreciation for life. I have always strived to live in the moment, but keeping death in mind makes being present much easier for me. Alua's meditation provided an avenue for me to explore my thoughts and beliefs about death in the most caring and supportive way. I would highly recommend Alua's death meditation to anyone who is looking to examine their relationship with and beliefs about death!"

- Jean H.

"I didn't know what to expect for my first death meditation with Alua and went in open hearted and curious. Alua walked me through the moments leading up to my death and after, including what may follow once my body has been disposed. She created a space in which I felt grounded and safe throughout the entire experience. I found enormous comfort seeing my family members that have passed before me waiting to greet me on "the other side".

This experience has given me insight as to what may come up for me at the time of my death. The meditation has allowed me to better prepare myself both logistically and mentally for that last chapter of my life. I am grateful to Alua for this knowledge as it left me feeling empowered about something I have very little control over. Now, death is a little less scary for me. "

-Kimberly V.

“When I started working with Alua, I was overwhelmed by a fear of death and dying. One of the most powerful aspects of our sessions together was the guided meditations. Alua walked me through several meditations that I still turn to today. Since working with Alua and making her meditations a part of my regular routine, I have found greater peace and understanding of my own mortality and death being a natural part of life."

-Ron K.

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