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Loss to Legacy: A Stepping Stone Path to Healing

Looking for courage, strength, or hope amid your grief? This award-winning book reveals the transformation possible when one grieves deeply and well.

A resource by Spirit of Resh Foundation

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Loss to Legacy: A stepping stone path to healing and transformation is an award-winning book that lays out a map for conscious grieving. With inspiring stories marking the passage from darkness into light, Lily Myers Kaplan offers a method for honoring and growing from your sorrow. Loss is universal, she says. Whether you are grieving the death of someone you love, lamenting cultural and planetary upheaval, or mourning the dissolution of a marriage, ending of a career, or changing identity, this book will help you navigate its tumult.

At the core of Loss to Legacy are ancient truths, nature's cycles, and acceptance of death as an essential part of the human experience. The included Stepping Stones Workbook leads you on a transformational path of inner exploration and soul-renewing exercises. With its beautiful storytelling and step-by-step process, Loss to Legacy guides you through mourning to find meaning, create purpose and build a living legacy, leaving what matters most in your own wake.

Our Inspiration

When my sister, Lois, died, I had no idea who I was any more. Nothing mattered except my story of our relationship and the powerful experience of being her mid-wife between this world and the next. I closed my private practice and entered a time of solitude and inner exploration in order to honor my grief and our shared story. I reflected on what her life and death taught me. I vowed that her death would not be without meaning and envisioned new ways of bringing those lessons to Life. Soon, along with my still living and breathing sister, Sally, I formed Spirit of Resh Foundation, then began crafting the Loss to Legacy path which has grown from a series of worksheets to a presentation, to a six-week program, and finally into this book. May it lead you to brightly shine the legacies born of your own losses.

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