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Loving Who I Am; A Journey to the Heart

Loving Who I Am; A Journey to the Heart - is a blueprint for healing your heart & self love; taking you on a journey of personal discover & self transformation.

A resource by Lisa Lewak

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Loving Who I Am: A Journey to the Heart - is a blue print for healing your heart. Our heart is the core of our selves, and the heart is about love. Our heart, however, has been impacted by everything that love is not, which has caused us to close our hearts down.

This book takes you on a journey of personal discovery and self transformation, providing a systematic approach to address all that has touched your heart. The easy-to-follow steps lead you through different aspects of your life, and allow you to see the beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve.

Loving Who I Am encourages you to reconnect to yourself in a whole new way and to learn to love yourself.

Through writing this book I have created a new healing modality called "Heart Healing Therapy" here I use the techniques found in the book as well as others I have personally used to heal my heart.

"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the atomic age - as in being able to remake ourselves." Mahatma Gandhi

My Inspiration

Loving Who I Am; A Journey to the Heart is based on my life story of how I healed my Heart. Throughout the book I share my personal experiences & some of the challenges I had along the way. This book was inspired by a major life crisis & tells my own healing path, full of struggles & turning points. The creation of this book has been for me another inner process of discovery & healing. I hope that in reading this book, you too will find the journey as transformational as I did. The book & it's journey is made up of five parts: The work - the place you engage in your own healing Resistance - facing obstacles & challenges The Circle - stepping into your own power Cultivating Self - the process of re-sculpturing your self Loving Who I Am - reconnecting to the Heart space - the place of all life healing, & learning how to love your self There is no one single bluepring for what love is & that is what makes it rather intangible. Learning to love yourself is a choice. When you commit to "Loving Who I Am" you are learning what love is. "Loving Who I Am; A Journey to the Heart" guides & supports you along the way; encouraging you to open any door as you explore your path with heart.

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