Mindful Caregiving Education

We teach practices that help navigate the challenges of caregiving.

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Our Mindful Caregiving Education (MCE) introduces caregivers to mindfulness-based approaches and tools to help build their emotional resilience and work with stress. These approaches help caregivers successfully navigate the unique and challenging situations that can arise in caregiving.

Our two-day Foundations of Mindful Caregiving is open to everyone - professional caregivers, clinicians, family caregivers, and those who may be caregivers in the future, which covers nearly all of us!

Our Mindful Family Caregiving courses can be accessed in-person and online. The course is tailored to the needs of family caregivers, or those soon to be family caregivers, providing resilience-building tools and a space to share experiences with others experiencing the challenges and rewards of being a family caregiver.

We hope to welcome you to one of our courses soon.

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