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Mindfully Mortal and Therapeutic Yoga Services

Breathe. Be. Believe. Trauma-informed. Bereavement-sensitive. Thanatologically-inspired. Holistic Yoga Therapy.

A resource by Mindfully Mortal and Therapeutic Yoga with Ken Breniman

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My name is Ken Breniman and for the past 20 years, I have offered compassionate care for a wide variety of clients in Oakland, CA who are looking for something more from their lives. My offerings include:

  • Educational workshops
  • Community-enhancing groups
  • Private yoga therapy sessions
  • Singing bowl sound baths
  • Plant medicine integration support

I am dedicated to supporting clients during very challenging life situations. By incorporating the ancient healing practices of yoga, and the supportive counseling tools of Western psychology, clients heal, grow and are better able to cope with many of the stressors life can bring. I truly believe we all have innate healing powers and I am here to help you uncover your own amazing potential. I am available via online support for those who live outside of the Bay Area.

We live in a rapidly evolving time in human history. The world is more interconnected than ever before, allowing important cultural and scientific dialogues to take place. There are many wonderful opportunities for those of us in the West to experience the life-transforming power of ancient wisdom traditions from around the world, including the practices of yoga and meditation, which are now broadly respected by the scientific and academic communities.

Further, more people are exploring healing through plant medicines, which are also becoming recognized by the scientific community as viable catalysts for personal transformation. Scientific research continues to affirm the value of these practices in providing insights and enhancing the human condition by achieving balance, peace, and happiness. A growing number of researchers and healthcare professionals agree: the body, mind, and spirit are not separate, but rather parts of an interconnected whole.

My life purpose is to help you find the best combination of practices to bring health, equanimity, and happiness through individually designed programs. In supporting you during a challenging time in your life journey, I draw on my clinical training experience in Western psychology, my extensive knowledge of yoga, and my reverence for the wisdom of our ancestors.

My Inspiration

Please check out Sarah Davis' interview of me (Episode 8) where I share how the illness and death of my mother inspired me to devote my life to supporting others in dealing with life/death/loss/mortality.

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