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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course

MBSR online course teaches meditation and gentle yoga for decreased stress and increased peace, happiness, and wellbeing.

A resource by Jen Johnson

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Learn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to help you relax your body, calm your mind, cope well with difficult times, and build resilience for future challenges. Research shows that people who participate in an MBSR course report feeling a greater sense of peace, ease, happiness, and wellbeing.

This is an online 8-week course with written lessons and audio recorded meditation practices. You can take the course as a self-led course or purchase mindfulness coaching sessions to support you.

My Inspiration

I've been practicing mindfulness for over 30 years. The first time I experienced meditation, I felt more relaxed and at peace than I had ever felt in my life. But my commitment to doing this practice happened when my aging mother relapsed with addiction, nearly died by suicide, and then died several years later from cancer. Mindfulness was one of the things that helped most in healing from all of the loss and grief. Mindfulness is one of the most powerful things I've found for helping people to heal. I've built my life's work on a foundation of mindfulness, offering mindfulness coaching and therapy for people experiencing loss, illness, or trauma.

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