Photography as a Tool For Healing

My mission is to bring photography into the ever-expanding realm of tools that supports the healing and wellness of those living with illness or at end of life.

A resource by Hillary Goidell

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I bring photography to situations of human challenge such as illness and end of life, as a way to imprint experience and access those embodied moments at a later time.

I have tested the waters to explore how offering photography can take the mundane act of taking a picture to a deeper level, where collaborative picture-making happens.

Beyond the body’s mechanical capacities to see and be seen, a potent relationship based on witnessing can form. When we are truly witnessed, seen in a way that evokes multidimensional feelings and sensations, our spiritual palette can more easily release fear and embrace harmony and healing.

Concretely, my work aims to use images as tangible markers of specific moments in time–both the objective time and place they were taken, and the emotional meaning they bear.

I am there to accompany people through images. This process can happen during retreats, at bedside, with family or alone, or out in the world – wherever the experience is happening.

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