Spiritual Companionship

Spiritual companionship is the practice of presence for those seeking to explore life’s questions, big and small, and seek the wisdom of the self and the Sacred.

A resource by Rites of Passage, LLC

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We provide one-on-one confidential spiritual companionship (also known as Spiritual Direction). We are sensitive to meet you without judgment and with a willingness to be fully present to you and your life circumstances.

Whether you are spiritual, religious, have been hurt by religion, or are more comfortable with a secular worldview, we will accompany you as you connect with the sacred within and around you.

Our focus is on accompanying people who are facing life transitions including (but not limited to) the loss of a loved one, illness, divorce, job change, identity issues, leaving a faith tradition, relocation, and retirement. People of all spiritual and secular worldviews and gender and sexual identities are welcome.

Virtual sessions are held on Zoom or FaceTime. If sitting in front of a computer is not your thing, in-person options for those local to Burlington, Vermont include meeting at the Rites of Passage office or walking together on the Burlington Bike Path.

Sessions are 60 minutes and can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or as needed. We open sessions with candle lighting, poetry or meditation, and silence followed by open conversation utilizing a non-directive approach.

My Inspiration

Kristabeth Atwood, M.Div is a Pastor for People Who Don't Do Church and the founder of Rites of Passage, LLC. A church pastor for 18 years, Kristabeth now brings her pastor's heart to help people through the spiritual, emotional, and practical aspects of change by offering: – care for those facing life's changes, – education on the transformative power of change, – support for exploring life's big questions, and – personalized rituals to mark life’s transitions. Kristabeth holds space for people to connect with themselves, those around them, and with the sacred, whatever that means to them. She feels privileged to help people honor and mark the meaningful moments that encompass all the seasons of life – from birth to death.

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