Spiritual Companionship

Spiritual companionship is a practice of presence with the intention of holding space for those facing life’s challenges or exploring life’s big questions.

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“As a Spiritual Companion, I help people find their own answers to life’s big questions. It is natural for questions of purpose and meaning to arise during times of transition. I help people explore the questions and gain a greater understanding of how they find their place in the world.”

~Kristabeth Atwood, Founder, Rites of Passage, LLC

At Rites of Passage, we provide one-on-one confidential spiritual companionship. Kristabeth has practiced companionship for over 20 years and is sensitive to approach your situation without judgment and with a willingness to be fully present to you and your life circumstances.

Whether you consider yourself very spiritual (or even religious), have been hurt by religion, or are more comfortable with a secular worldview, Kristabeth will walk with you as you explore life’s big questions and find your way along life’s journey.

Kristabeth's focus is on companioning people who are facing life transitions including (but not limited to) the loss of a loved one, illness, divorce, job change, identity issues, leaving a faith tradition, relocation, and retirement. People of all spiritual and secular worldviews and gender and sexual identities are welcome.

Spiritual companionship sessions are held on Zoom or FaceTime. If local to Burlington, Vermont, we can talk about possible in-person options, including walking sessions on the Burlington Bike Path.

Sessions are usually scheduled monthly but can be more frequent, especially in the beginning as the relationship is formed. Sessions begin with a brief time of silence and meditation followed by open conversation utilizing the evocative approach. (Learn more about the evocative approach here.) Fees are based on a self-selecting sliding scale.

E-mail us today to find out more or schedule a free 30-minute introductory call.

My Inspiration

I’m Kristabeth Atwood and I am a "pastor for people who don’t do church." I was a local church pastor for 18 years and now I bring my pastor’s heart to my work with people of all identities and spiritual and secular worldviews to support growth, healing, and transformation. My business is called Rites of Passage because I believe that acknowledging the changes we experience throughout life is essential to our personal and collective well-being. My work includes supporting people as they dive into the big questions that often arise in the face of life changes. Essentially, I hold space for people to connect with themselves, those around them, and with the sacred, whatever that means to them. In addition to my professional experience, my personal journey through the joys and challenges of marriage, divorce, re-marriage, becoming a stepparent, relocation, career changes, the trauma of violence, and loss of loved ones informs my work. I bring my expertise, experience, and heart to help my clients pause, reflect, acknowledge, and embrace the transformative power of change so they can move into the next season of life with hope.

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