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The Root Slam

The Root Slam is a free open mic & poetry slam that happens every 3rd Friday at MLK Cafe. We also host a free writing workshop every 2nd & 4th Saturday at Chapter 510.

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The mission of The Root Slam is to create an inclusive, socially just space to promote the artistic growth of the Bay Area poetry community. We are guided by values centering the voices of Black, indigenous, and people of color artists; queer, trans, gender non-conforming, and women poets; working class/low-income, disabled, im/migrant and undocumented folks.

All topics are welcome. If you feel called to do an open mic about anything related to end-of-life, we are a very supportive community.

Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@TheRootSlam).

Our open mics and workshops are free, but community donations keep us going! Find us on venmo (@TheRootSlam) to donate.

MLK Cafe and Chapter 510 are both located in Oakland, California.


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