They Saw The Sun First - Short Film

They Saw the Sun First is a timely film by Stefan Hunt featuring real interviews with New York’s elderly brought to life through dance, performance and imagination.

A resource by We're All Going To Die

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Here is the short film I directed.

I feel this is a great resource for a fellow collaborator seeking an icebreaker to start conversations around social isolation, agesim, and legacy.

Our Inspiration

In mid-2019 I started working on this project when I noticed a lack of eldership in my life. I realised that nearly all the “life advice” I was consuming on social media, podcasts, and newsletters was from younger people. And I asked myself the question - Where are the voices of our elders? With that question in mind, I began interviewing aging New Yorkers about life, death, and everything in between. I can only describe this experience as truly life-changing. I get chills thinking back to it. With these recorded gems of wisdom, I set out with an incredible team to create a film that speaks to the youth of today. Words can’t describe how stoked I am to share my new short film ‘They Saw The Sun First’ with you. Turn the lights down. Turn your emails off. Turn your volume up. And enjoy the voices of our elders.

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