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There are thousands of books written about death. But I’d wager a large fortune that none of them give a perspective through the lens of a skateboarder. Until now.

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The Endless Wave is a free e-book that can be viewed here:

My Inspiration

I have been riding skateboards since 1975. In 1996, I worked with my brother to create one of the first skateboard websites on the internet - the SkateGeezer Homepage. This website led to a book publishing contract and in 1999, my book The Concrete Wave was released. From here, I wound up publishing my first magazine and spending over two decades working in the skateboard industry. In 2018, I found myself with writer’s block. I felt that I had run out of things to say. So, I sold my business and wound up working at a funeral home. For many, this seemed like a very odd career move. It was - even for me. But I entered the funeral home thinking I would never write again. And yet, a force pulled me back into writing. I started thinking about what I had experienced in skateboarding and what I was seeing as a funeral director’s assistant. I realized that I had stumbled upon a worthwhile topic. I teamed up with a fellow skateboarder who is based in Australia. Together, Nathan Ho and I worked diligently to create “The Endless Wave - Skateboarding, death and spirituality” One of the key things that I saw almost daily was just how many people were so uncomfortable discussing death. Many men remain stoic and have a very difficult time expressing grief or any type of emotion. My hope is that this book, with its odd juxtaposition of skateboarding and death will become a catalyst for discussions that some people might find awkward. While we may never truly understand death, it is my sincere hope that I can help support people in their journey in some small way.

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